2021 Gallery

We all had high hopes that the grip of the pandemic would break in 2021. Towards that end I focused my art in 2021 purely on things I was grateful for. An impressive spring with glorious colors etc. I also started using recycled cardboard as my canvass along with non-toxic acrylic paints. When you paint on something as common as cardboard, particularly in Amazon age, it is very liberating. You don’t worry if a mistake is made. So what if it is – I simply recycle the cardboard and grab the next box. When I made canvasses, I had to stretch them. There were special wood stretchers and pulling everything tight and stapling the canvass to the strips. When I am done, I am staring at a blank canvass. With cardboard the rips, logos and other stickers and writing become something I seek to preserve. I try to let the underlying cardboard speak as much as possible. Unlike stretching canvass – it feels more like a collaboration. More fun.   

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