Welcome to my place Lboeckl.net – below are the gallery entrances for a sampling of my artworks since the latter 1970s

the retrospective entrances

There were two things I could have never guessed about my life during my youth. First I would never have thought that I would continue to paint for this long. When I started painting I was so awful I just knew that painting was simply a passing phase. And to be totally honest – people were completely adamant in telling me just how bad they thought my paintings were. They used to get very emotional, yell and use allot of four letter words to describe my paintings! Well looking back at it – that was just flat out wrong. It wasn’t a passing phase and over the years the paintings have improved. But understand the paintings were never about making art. They were me looking at ideas from different perspectives. I guess that’s why I never cared what anyone said about the pictures. I laugh about the memories now.

The second thing was I had no idea I would be creating websites since the very inception of the Internet. I think it all began in 1994, as I was already online as a computer bulletin board user pre-Internet days, but that’s when it all started for me. And as you can see it has never really stopped. I will add a story link to the header menu and outline what housing, networking and coding have been like since before the Internet even existed. But that will be after I complete galleries for the paintings.

Leo Boeckl’s home for his paintings on the web.

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